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We are happy to print booklets for you to pick up at the church office. Send an email to or call the church office (605.886.1977) to let us know how many you need.

Leaders: If you click on THIS link you will find a video (and a guide) that fully explains how to use the "Relational Sphere of Influence" tool on page 26 of the booklet. Once you go to the page, and scroll to the bottom, you will find that they call their tool the 'Person of Peace." You will need to log in in order to have access to the video.  


A Life Transformation Group is…

  • 3-5 people, of the same gender, who are being equipped to be disciple makers.

  • Led by a LTG leader.

  • Committed to meeting on a regular basis (weekly or 3x a month). Will meet for approximately 60-90 minutes each meeting.

  • Committed to being vulnerable and sharing with others who they truly are (good and bad).

  • For a season. LTGs do not meet forever. Typically between 6-12 months.

  • Committed to spiritual reproduction. When your LTG is over you will be expected to start up your own LTG.


Why be a part of a Life Transformation Group?

We want to begin by pointing out that it is important to be a part of a Life Group at New Life Church. Life Groups (mixed gender, with approximately 12 people) are an important vehicle for discipleship to take place in the life of the church. We clearly see in Scripture that Jesus discipled 12 men for 3 years. But we also see in God’s Word that Jesus had an inner circle that he spent time with (Peter, James and John). LTGs are modeled on this inner circle. In these LTGs the clear intention is to be helping others to become more like Jesus and for each member to be equipped to start, and lead, their own LTG.


Before your Life Transformation Group begins

  • Make sure God is directing you to who you should ask to be a part of your LTG. Look for people who are open to you, listen to you, and have a genuine desire to grow spiritually.

  • Make sure the people you invite know that the expectation is that they will lead a LTG in the future.

  • Don’t pursue a person who has serious reservations about being a part of LTG. If they are hesitant, and have reservations, pray that God prepares them for a future LTG.


What will happen in each LTG meeting?

  • Prayer

  • Reading and discussing God’s Word

  • Spiritual growth in the character and competency of Jesus Christ

  • Asking and answering accountability questions

  • Homework given


Don’t rush this process!

Please keep in mind, it may take you more than one meeting to discuss each character and competency trait of a disciple of Jesus Christ. Don’t rush through the material just to get it done. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you even if it means going slowly and methodically. From the life of Christ it is easy to discern that making disciples is not a process that can be rushed.