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Sunday, October 20

Deep down most of us know that relationships are really important. Unfortunately, there are so many obstacles that get in the way when it comes to developing life-giving relationships. We are going to look at Scripture together and we will discover that relationships in the church are one of the primary ways that God shapes us into the image of his Son, Jesus Christ. This message will be both challenging and encouraging. We hope you will join us!

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Sunday, October 27

We are celebrating 30 years of God’s faithfulness to New Life Church with a visit from Kevin Kompelien, the president of the EFCA, return visits from many who have been a part of New Life in the past, worship through the decades, and a meal together. It’s going to be a great weekend!

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Sunday, November 3

Do you sometimes feel like you are merely skimming the surface of what it means to know and enjoy God? Do you read about the men and women in the Bible and wish that you could experience God the way that they did? Join us Sunday, November 3rd as examine some of the reasons why we feel stuck spiritually and what we can do to develop a vibrant walk with the Lord.

Knowing God, His character and His attributes, impact every aspect of our lives. In this study, we’ll learn about God's incomprehensibility, immutability, eternality, wrath, love, and much more. But the study doesn't view these just as individual realities. Each one is strengthened and sweetened by the ones that came before.

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