Regarding the book of Romans Martin Luther said this, "It is the chief part of the New Testament and the perfect gospel . . . the absolute epitome of the gospel." Richard Lenski wrote that the Book of Romans is “beyond question the most dynamic of all New Testament letters even as it was written at the climax of Paul’s apostolic career.” The Reformation and revivals have occurred when God's people have begun to understand the deep truths in the book of Romans. We are praying that this mighty book written by Paul will have a profound gospel impact here at New Life Church and in the city of Watertown. We hope you will join us! 

Here are two videos from “The Bible Project” that we think do a great job of helping us understand Romans…


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In our Christian circles we rightfully talk quite a bit about the importance of digging into God's Word and studying Scripture. There is no question that we should be good students of God's Word.

But let me ask you a really important question, are you enjoying God?

This is such an important question because our Christian faith was never meant to just be something we know or do. If we are not enjoying God on a daily basis than our Christian faith becomes more about duty than it is delight. God is a treasure meant to be loved and worshipped!

In our upcoming Sunday School class, "Enjoying God", we will be learning how we can deepen our love and enjoyment of God in everyday life. The class begins Sunday, December 16th and will last for approximately 10 weeks. We hope you can join us!