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 Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:15 as we dig into the book of james.

The brother of Jesus has written a powerful book that speaks to us about trials, riches, the words that we speak, worldliness what true religion looks like. The book of James challenges us not to just be hearers of the Word but to get out of our comfort zone and to be doers of the Word. Perhaps most importantly the book of James helps us to see with tremendous clarity what authentic faith in Jesus Christ looks like.


Our Sunday School classes meet during the school year and take a break in the summers. 

Beginning Sunday, October 22 at 9:00am...

Six Steps to Reading Your Bible

In churches we often times talk about issues like marriage, finances, end times, godly living, but we have neglected actually teaching people how to dig into and study God's Word on their own! 

This is a class that is for everyone! Whatever your current Bible reading habits (or lack of them), and whatever your level of knowledge and confidence, Six Steps to Reading Your Bible will help you make progress in getting into your Bible. 

Over the six sessions of the course, you will:

  • become familiar with the basic shape and nature of the Bible
  • be motivated to read the Bible for yourself
  • learn how to apply basic reading skills to the Bible
  • learn how to apply a Bible passage to your life
  • understand how the whole message of the Bible hangs together and centers on Jesus
  • benefit from the encouragement and experience of others, as you work together in learning to read the Bible
  • be well on the way to establishing a new habit of regular Bible reading 

We hope you can join us!